Sofia C.

Sofia C.

Tallinn19 y5 y experiencefrom 10 € for an h

Hi, my name is Sofia, glad to be online познакомиться☺️ and I am a pet sitter.
My job is to take care of small and large pets who need my love and care. I have always loved animals and when I decided to become an animal nanny, I knew it was exactly what I needed.
When I first started working, I was a little worried because I didn't know what to expect. But when I saw my first pets, my heart filled with joy. I saw how kind, funny and smart they were and I felt they needed my love and care.💕
Since then, I've been an animal nanny for a few years now, and every day I enjoy my job immensely.
I love my job and am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my pets happy. I know that each one of them is special and unique, and I always try to find an individual approach to each of them. I am happy to be able to make my pets' lives better and I never tire of caring for them.☺️

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Time: agreed individually

Pay: from 10 € for an h

Experience: 5 y

Pet sitting


  1. Dogs (1)

  2. Cats

  3. Birds

  4. Rodents

  5. Reptiles


Dog's size

  1. Small, up to 10 kg

  2. Medium, 10-20 kg

  3. Large, 20-40 kg

  4. Very large, above 40 kg



Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian