Sandra M.

Tallinn32 y10 y experience10-15 € for an hour

Grew up in a family of teachers and found it to be a natural gift while seeing my mother work with kids as early as kindergarten. I've grown to become a tutor to kids up to high school, worked as a live in au pair in New York, given private classes at homes, in schools(Tallinn European School), now on this platform. My strengths are math, english and all the others as well really. Wouldnt say I love teaching one subject more than the other. I like variety and having multiple "tabs" opened at the same time as well. Looking forward to solving your problematic areas and show you the way through them.

Laste juhendamist läbi nende nõrkuste, peegeldades ja valgustades. Ma armastan lapsi, hingi, inimesi in general.

Olen olnud koduõpetaja Nõmme Gümnaasiumis eraõppel olevale inglise keele õpilasele 5. klassis, olen olnud MTÜ ASÕPis õpetaja eelmisest aastast, õpetamas käinud Euroopa Koolis, Muraste Koolis, olen omanud koduõpilasi eraõpetajana aastaid. Minu vanuseaste juhendamisele on olnud kuni 9.klassini ning kõik õppeained.

Sest ma olen lihtsalt parim. Õpilased on mulle tahtnud koju kolida, joonistanud mulle lugematul hulgal parima õpetaja joonistusi, olen neile nö ''lahe oma jope'', kes toob info ja arusaama ilma suurema joonlauata vastu sõrmi nö.

I've been teaching for more than 10 years now. I see students weak points and reflect, guide with questions and show them the light by not giving out the answer, but rather paving the road under them for students to come to a realization themselves. Teach them how to fish, not give them the fish.

Students should choose me because I am powered by their success, meaning I get a sense of accomplishment when I see they learn when they get those "aha" moments and sparkle in their eyes. I work till I find a way to deliver. Every student is unique and requires an approach just to speak his/her language hence why I am not a big fan of big groups and enjoy individual teaching going vertical for bringing max results.

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Type of work: hourly (can start immediately)

Pay: 10-15 € for an hour

Experience: 10 y


Estonian: primary, lower secondary

English: primary, lower secondary, adult education

Mathematics: primary, lower secondary

Physics: primary

Chemistry: primary

Biology: primary, lower secondary

Geography: primary, lower secondary

History: primary, lower secondary

Computer Science: primary


Vieta: online



Institution: Suffolk Community College

Courses: first aid courses

Languages: English, Estonian