Li L.

Kesklinn, Tallinn32 y8 y experience10-20 € for an hour

General music theory lessons.

Instrument lessons (for beginners): violin, kannel (traditional Estonian string intrument), ukulele, guitar.

Singing and accompaniment.

I am experienced in teaching various music subjects from preschool to secondary school.

I have a broad-based and diverse musical education and background.
Since kindergarter, I have actively been practicing and studying music. In music school my main instrument was violin, but I have also studied other string instruments (that I stated above). Currently I work as a teacher part-time and am finishing my BA studies (pedagogy of music) in the music academy.
As a singer or a player in different groups, I have performed classical, choral, religious, medieval, folk music, even some jazz...
Another strength of
mine is music theory (solfège).

I gladly share my skills, knowledge and love for music to whom it might be of interest, use or help. :)

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Type of work: agreed individually (can start immediately)

Pay: 10-20 € for an hour

Experience: 8 y


Estonian: primary

English: primary, lower secondary

German: primary

Mathematics: primary

Music: primary, lower secondary, upper secondary, adult education


Vieta: online, tutor's premises, student's premises



Institution: EMTA

Specialty: Muusikapedagoogika

Courses: first aid courses

Languages: English, Estonian