Mona Maria

Mona Maria T.

Tartu20 y2 y experience

I am a 19-year-old political science student at the University of Tartu. I come from Tallinn, where I received basic education in Jakob Westom Gymnasium in the English advanced class and secondary education in Tallinn 21st School also in the English advanced class. I can help students in Estonian, English and maths, but if there are difficulties with another subject, still feel free to contact me! I also have previous experience in providing study assistance to younger students. For a little over two years, I taught in the Student Network's study aid program, and I've always helped my little brother with schoolwork. The location is in the center of Tartu, Raatuse Street, where I can comfortably teach in the lobby of my house, which is designed for students to study. My schedule is also quite flexible!

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Type of work: agreed individually (can start immediately)

Experience: 2 y


Estonian: primary, lower secondary, upper secondary

English: primary, lower secondary, upper secondary

Mathematics: primary, lower secondary

History: lower secondary

Music: primary, lower secondary


Location: tutor's premises



Institution: Tallinna 21. Kool

Specialty: Inglise keele süvaõpe

Courses: first aid courses

Languages: English, Estonian