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Dear Friends, 

we are searching for a gardener for our house in Kakummäe, Tallinn. We need a person, with gardening machinery (lawn-mower tractor, etc) who could take care of our garden every 3-4 weeks. The area is ca. 1 hectare big, mostly lawn but also a lot of trees, who don't need any care.
Following functions should be carried out:
- lawn mowing of ca. 1 hectare;
- collecting of leaves and other garden litter;
- cleaning of the roof and rainwater run-offs;

Payment will be provided on a private basis in cash and the exact amount should be arranged after the inspection of the area. We are ready to discuss the payment on a fair basis.

Look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Nazim & Anna Aliyev

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Töötasu: alates 50 € päevaks

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