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Estonian American Family in Tallinn's Old Town Seek's Part-Time Tutor/Nanny For Their Son

Dear Potential Candidates,

Are you creative, outgoing and enthusiastic? Then you could be an ideal fit for our family!! Are you ready to start ASAP?

We are seeking a part-time, Tallinn-based tutor/nanny for a family, Monday-Friday in the afternoons, starting in September. The net monthly salary will be very competitive for working 1/2 time!

Both parents work (father American, mother Estonian), and the tutor is needed during afternoon business hours (normally 14:00-18:00, or 15:00-19:00 after school), for homework, fun, and taking our son to some after school activities. We may also need you on occasional evenings for additional pay, subject to agreement with you. We will pay you a net monthly salary in cash at the beginning of each month, plus any out of pocket expenses (taxi, other transport, food).

The job description is flexible, because it's really part-tutor and mentor, part-friendly companion, part-nanny. You would have your weekday mornings free, which might be a good fit if you are a part-time student with morning and/or evening classes.

Our son is 10 years old, and speaks English and Estonian, is really very creative and friendly, and attends Tallinn's English College in the IB Program as a 4th grader. He enjoys acting, cooking, outdoor adventures (camping, hiking), and has played tennis for 3 years.

We will need a tutor for the entire 2019-2020 school year to help focus a creative mind, particularly for Estonian reading and writing to prepare for the 4th Grade End of School Year Exams. He will also start learning French this year at school, so if you happen to “parlez francais” then wonderful! We also would prefer if the candidate has previous tutoring experience.

It’s a bonus if you are also certified in child basic first aid (although not a requirement).

Other details to be discussed directly. Please feel free to send me a message in Pere24, or telephone me. Thank you!

John W.

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