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We don't speak Estonian yet but here's the English version (I posted this in the tutors' area but in case this can find respondents here, then best):

Hello tutors! It may be a long shot looking for ABA- method experienced tutor from this website but we are giving it a try. If you do have an experience, or know somebody who may be qualified, please drop me a line to see how we can arrange the setup.

We are looking for someone who is ABA-method certified to assist our 4-year old daughter in her nursery school classes, initially in the mornings (at the beginning), on a daily basis (9-12:30). Thus, the majority, if not all, of the set-up is at a school setting. She has specific needs that may not be currently provided by the school staff in her group due to limited resources and/or due to the number of other kids in the class to take care of. The mandatory language in her group is English, but our daughter is bilingual: English and Italian.

Kindly send detailed info on your background and expectations through here at pere24. Thank you.

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