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Delphine S.

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🇫🇷 Bonjour! Ready to parler français? 🇫🇷

Are you or your child eager to immerse yourselves in the beauty of the French language? Look no further! I'm a native French speaker and experienced teacher, passionate about sharing my language and culture with learners of all ages.

For Adults:
Whether you're just starting out or aiming to refine your skills, I offer personalized French classes tailored to your specific goals. From mastering everyday conversations to navigating professional settings or exploring French-speaking destinations, I've got you covered.

For Primary and Secondary Students:
Are you a parent seeking to enrich your child's education with French language skills? Or perhaps you're a student yourself eager to excel in your French studies? I specialize in tutoring primary and secondary students, providing engaging lessons that cater to their unique learning needs and curriculum requirements.

What I offer:

Tailored Learning: Whether it's building a strong foundation in French basics or preparing for exams, I'll create customized lesson plans to suit your child's learning style and academic goals.
Interactive Sessions: Through fun activities, games, and multimedia resources, I make learning French an enjoyable and enriching experience for young learners.
Expert Guidance: With my expertise as a professional French teacher, rest assured that your child will receive the support and encouragement needed to succeed in their language journey.
Pricing: €25 per hour for online sessions or face-to-face meetings at a café.

Ready to embark on this linguistic adventure together? Let's unlock the beauty of French for you or your child! Contact me today to schedule your first lesson.

À bientôt! 🇫🇷


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