Anett S.

Anett S.

Tallinn19 yfrom 8 € for an h

Hi there!

I'm a 19 year old girl looking for a little side job as I'm studying in university. I can babysit kids, animals and do housework. I speak Estonian and English fluently and do sports in my free time. Furthermore, I can cook excellently and just be a friendly mate.
Contact me if I can help you in some way. Since my schedule if quite busy I can only work from Friday to Sunday.

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Time: agreed individually (can start immediately)

Pay: from 8 € for an h

Pet sitting


  1. Dogs (1)

  2. Cats

  3. Birds

  4. Rodents

  5. Reptiles


Dog's size

  1. Small, up to 10 kg

  2. Medium, 10-20 kg

  3. Large, 20-40 kg

  4. Very large, above 40 kg



Courses: first aid courses

Languages: Estonian, English