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PERE24.EE platform Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Data Deletion Instructions



1.1. Administration. It consists of responsible people managing PERE24.EE platform. An administrator carries out his activity as the administrator of PERE24.EE platform and an agent among Users. Administrator of PERE24.EE is Family Projects Oy, Company ID FI31324374, postal address Ristihaantie 1c44, Espoo, Finland.

1.2. An anonymous user. He/she is a person who uses Administration services on the Website without registration.

1.3. Personal data. It is any kind of information that can be used to identify a person; it also can be any information about a person who has already been identified.

1.4. The website. It is the website of managed by Administration.

1.5. Membership fee. It is a fixed fee by Administration. If Users pay this fixed fee, they have the right to use additional functionalities of PERE24.EE platform.

1.6. Privacy policy. It is a procedure submitted on the Website for managing personal data that a User submits to Administration on the Website. If a User uses PERE24.EE platform, it is considered that he/she agrees with a Purchaser’s personal data management and confirms that all submitted information and personal data are correct and real.

1.7. PERE24.EE platform. It is a system belonging to Administration, maintained and administrated by it. This system is on the website with which help Users can find a helper/services provider (a nanny, a housekeeper, a pet sitter, and a tutor) or a suitable helper job.

1.8. Rules. These are the rules for PERE24.EE platform terms of use that are regulated by PERE24.EE platform terms of use, legal relations between Users of the Website and Administration as well as among Users themselves. A User has to accept the rules if he/she wants to use the services of Administration.

1.9. A User. A natural person that is no younger than 18 years old, properly registered on the Website with a purpose to find a helper or a job.

1.10. A User’s profile. It is a record of a User available on PERE24.EE platform that is consisted of a User’s submitted Personal data about himself/herself.


2.1. On PERE24.EE platform Administration helps Users to collaborate. Users can find a helper or a helper job. Administration acts as an agent among Users.

2.2. Administration as the owner of the website and PERE24.EE platform do not work as a helper and do not look for helpers. Only Users are responsible for submitting information on ads and providing helper’s works or services.

2.3. Users understand and agree that only they are responsible for compliance with legislations applied to their activity and actions. Users using PERE24.EE platform understand that by employing people or providing services they may need to get certain permits and licenses, to complete formalities of employment and perform other legal and/or taxing actions intended in legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.

2.4. Information and Personal data about a User on the Website and ads are provided by Users themselves therefore Administration is not responsible for this information correctness, conformance to reality and is not responsible for losses or damage caused or that could have been caused due to Users’ actions, decisions or contracts that are made by using information provided on the Website.


3.1. Anonymous user can view ads and Users’ profiles. The visibility of information that is on Users’ profiles is limited to Anonymous users.

3.2. A person with the intention of using PERE24.EE Services on the whole scale has to register on the website of PERE24.EE by using one of the ways mentioned below:

3.2.1. by filling out a registration form on the Website, respectively;

3.2.2. by logging in with Facebook profile.

3.3. If a User adds a picture on the User’s profile, it has to be a photo of the User himself/herself. It is forbidden to add some graphic images/letters/numbers (for example, logos, handwritten notes, telephone numbers, surnames, catchy words) or photos combined with graphic images/letters/numbers instead of photos or change photos in some other way. By uploading photos on a profile, the User confirms that he/she has the right to use photos and this use does not infringe any rights of third parties.

3.4. Registered Users can post ads, submit information on their User’s profile. Also, they can see more data than Anonymous users and chat with other Users with the help of private messages (as defined on the Website). Users paid Membership fee on the Website in a set procedure gain full functionality.

3.5. By registering a User creates individual log-in data (a user’s name and password) and is obliged to keep data in secret and not to disclose them for any third parties. In order to reduce the risk of illegal logging to PERE24.EE platform on a User’s name, it is recommended to create a strong, difficult-to-predict password (it is recommended that a password should consist of no less than 8 symbols by using both capital and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks as well as avoid easily guessed words (a User’s name, surname and so on) and (or) numbers (for example, date of birth) and so on) and it should be changed every 6 (six) months at least. A User is responsible for the strength of log-in data that he/she created and their keeping and as well as for any actions (transfer of data, posted offers, a User’s comments or other things) that are carried out by logging in with an individual User’s name and password on the Website. If PERE24.EE platform is used by a third party that is logged in on the Website using a user’s log-in data, Administration considers this person as a User. If a User loses log-in data, he/she should inform Administration about such loss immediately via email or change log-in data by logging-in on PERE24.EE platform.

3.6. A User is responsible for providing accurate, correct and detailed data in the registration form. If a User’s data that are in the registration form is changed, he/she should update them immediately. Administration is not responsible for a User or the third parties due to that a User provided incorrect and (or) undetailed personal data or did not change and supplement data when they had changed.

3.7. A User has the right to change, supplement registration data freely or to delete registration at any time. By deleting registration a User loses a possibility to use PERE24.EE platform on the whole scale. A User gains such a possibility only if he/she re-registers on PERE24.EE website.

3.8. By registering on the Website, a User together confirms that he/she is 18 years old.

3.9. Users paid an up-front fee of a fixed amount regarding Membership by a set procedure on the Website get the right to use the most extensive functionality (such scope as it is indicated on Website) of Website. Membership shall be valid for such period for which payment has been made unless it is terminated sooner based on a set procedure of these Rules.

3.10. The validity of the membership is automatically extended fur such periods that valid at the moment of extension and relevant payments are automatically debited from a User’s account, except cases when a User informs that he/she refuses the Membership or does not want to extend it before the end of the membership.

3.11. A User can refuse Membership at any time using any of these ways: i) via a User’s account on PERE24.EE website ii) informing Administration via [email protected]; iii) if a User made a payment for his/her membership via Paypal – via Paypal system. If a User refuses his/her Membership, the Membership fee is not refundable.

3.12. Administration reserves the right to change Membership plans and Membership fee. Such changes would be applied after a User was informed about relevant changes.


4.1. By using PERE24.EE platform a User should:

4.1.1. not implement illegal offense or activity on the Website;

4.1.2. communicate with other Users and Administration according to universally accepted principles of ethics and morality;

4.1.3. provide only real and correct information to other Users and Administration as well as constantly update data about him/her;

4.1.4. act fairly with no intention to deceive other User and / or Organizer;

4.1.4. change log-in data to the Website, if there is a threat that this data could be possibly known to the third parties;

4.1.5. ensure that information and a photo on a User’s profile would conform to the norms of morality and ethics as well as not infringe copyrights, not provoke disagreements in any cases and on any grounds.

4.1.6. ensure that posted information would: i) conform to the purpose of using PERE24.EE platform; ii) not promote any kind of person or products without the prior consent of Administration; iii) not be a threat to the functioning of PERE24.EE platform or its database (for example, programs or documents with viruses).

4.2. Administration has the right to restrict a User’s right to use the Website, including the complete elimination of a User from the Website and take other actions that are necessary from a perspective of Administration, including but not limited to suspending or non-exercising  rights and duties of these persons that act as Administration, if such action or non-action of Administration is necessary in order to ensure unconditional functional Website operation and/or other Users’ rights and duties.

4.3. Administration has the right to suspend a User’s registration on the Website and/or eliminate him/her from the Website and/or block a User, when:

4.3.1. a User provided or provides incorrect, wrong, false and/or incomplete information;

4.3.2. a User’s behaviour with other Users does not conform to universally accepted principles of morality;

4.3.3. a User uses PERE24.EE platform to deliberately harm other Users and / or Administration;

4.3.4. a User infringes these Rules or applied legislations in any other way.

4.4. Administration owns the intellectual rights of the Website, its domain name (PERE24.EE) and operating system. A User has no right to save, copy, change, move, transfer or disclose the content that is on the Website.


5.1. Administration cannot be and will not be responsible for damage that has been done to a User when third parties had logged-in to PERE24.EE platform using a User’s log-in data.

5.2. Administration is not responsible for third parties ads, links or cookies that are on the Website. A User should take into account third parties contracts of use and the privacy policy.

5.3. Due to the Internet as specifics of an external factor, Administration cannot guarantee uninterrupted accessibility of the Website. The Organizer can also restrict the accessibility of PERE24.EE platform or a part of it if it is necessary regarding safety, servers’ maintenance or other objectively important reasons.

5.4. Administration reserves the right to change the content of the website or functionalities without warning Users. Administration has the right to decide whether to change or terminate providing the services due to any reason and without a warning, including the right to terminate providing a service for any other User or a third party with or without a warning and responsibility against Users.


6.1. Administration has the right to unilaterally change these Rules and if there have been some fundamental changes in Rules, Administration has the right to inform a User about these changes on the Website or via indicated contacts of Users. A published change in Rules comes into force after 5 (five) workdays on the day when it was published on the Website or sent via email to Users. It is applied for all Users’ that did not express their disagreement with such change within the indicated term.

6.2. These Rules are made following legislations of the Republic of Estonia.

6.3. The Law of the Republic of Estonia is applied to the arising relations based on these rules.

6.4. All disagreements aroused out of the exercise of these Rules are resolved by negotiations. If an agreement is not reached, disputes are resolved in courts of the Republic of Estonia in a set procedure of laws.

6.5. All the questions can be submitted via email: [email protected].




1.1. In this Privacy policy Users’ rights, Personal data management conditions and purposes of the Website are indicated.

1.2. The Privacy policy is prepared and, on this Website, submitted Personal data are managed in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation and legislations of the Republic of Estonia.

1.3. By proving his/her Personal data on this Website, a User agrees that they would be managed in a set procedure of this Privacy policy.


2.1. There are used these terms in this Privacy policy. Below you can see the terms and their explanations:

Personal data or Data is any kind of information about a User whose identity is known or it can be known directly or indirectly (data subject).

Data management is any kind of operation or sequence of operations (as Data collection, recording, sorting, systematization, storage, and other operations) that are performed with Personal data or sets of Personal data using automatic or non-automatic tools.

The Data manager is natural and legal persons that manage Personal data on behalf of the Data controller.

The Data controller is Family Projects Oy, company ID FI31324374, postal address: Ristihaantie 1c44, Espoo, Finland. The website is managed by the Data controller and its address is

PERE24.EE platform. It is a system maintained and administrated by the Data controller. This system is on the website with which help persons by using this platform can find helpers (a nanny, a housekeeper, a pet sitter, a tutor or other person) or a suitable helper job.

The Privacy policy is this privacy policy in which the main rules for the Data controller are provided due to Personal data collection, accumulation, management and storage, and these rules are applied to Users using this Website.

The Regulation means 2016/679 regulation that came into effect from the 25th of May 2018 in the entire EU. This regulation is on the protection of natural persons by managing personal data and on the free movement of such data by which directive 95/46/EC is regarded as null and void.

A User is a natural person that visited the Data controller’s Website and registered on it by submitting his/her Personal data.


3.1. A User with the intention of registering on the Website should provide (in other cases a user can provide) the Data controller with the following Personal data: i) name, surname; ii) gender; iii) date of birth; iv) email; v) telephone number; vi) the place for provision of services/workplace; vii) a photo; viii) data that are obtained connecting with Facebook profile. Furthermore, the Data manager manages other Personal data too. These data was submitted by a User on PERE24.EE platform by posting ads or in other ways.

3.2. The Data controller has the right to use impersonal data of Users with the purpose to analyse Data using various statistical cuts, intending to perform statistical and financial analysis, to improve the quality of services and so on. The Data controller has the right to publicize impersonal statistical analysis of such data, to use it for marketing and other purposes.

3.3. The Data controller can also use cookies on the Website with which help Data that reveals this Website peculiarities of use, a User’s behaviour or automatically prepared visits statistics are collected.

3.4. Also, the Data controller manages Personal data about purchased memberships and actions that are carried out on PERE24.EE platform.


4.1. Personal data provided by Users are managed due to these purposes:

4.1.1. Provision of services. The Data controller collects Users’ personal data and uses them through the mediation among the persons on PERE24.EE platform that look for helpers or a helper’s job.

4.1.2. Improvement of the Website. The Data controller collects Data about Users, their surfing statistics on the Website, behaviour to assess functionality of the website and better improve accessibility and convenience of the suggested services.

4.1.3. Contacting. The Data controller could contact and reply to Users’ questions or requests.

4.1.4. Direct marketing. When a User gives consent to receive offers and news, the Data controller manages Personal data by sending offers and information (for example, general newsletter, information about offers, news, discounts or asking opinion about services that are provided) to a User. A User has the right at any time to disagree to receive offers and news and he/she can withdraw their consent at any time. Such withdrawal does not prevent a User from using PERE24.EE platform.

4.1.5. A User’s identification. A User’s personal data would be used to identify the User, find out if he/she is no younger than 18 years old.


5.1. A User confirms that he/she understands that Personal data provided by registering and in ads will be publicly available for other persons.

5.2. The Data controller ensures that Users’ Personal data will not be sold, provided or transferred in any other way without a legal basis to third parties as well as these data will not be used for any other purposes than they was collected. The Data controller can transfer Data only following this Privacy policy and legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

5.3. Excluding other cases indicated in the Privacy policy, the Data controller can transfer a User’s Personal data to the third parties only in such cases:

5.3.1. To services providers of Data controller that cannot know a User’s Data (companies that provide accounting, IT services, lawyers, courts, bailiffs, debt recovery companies, databases controllers and others) due to the specifics of the services they provide;

5.3.2. if separate consent is given by a User for this transfer of Data;

5.3.3. in statutory cases and when it is necessary to accomplish the following goals of this Privacy policy;

5.3.4. Transfer of Data is mandatory when it is required by law enforcement authorities in a set procedure of legislative of the Republic of Estonia;

5.3.5. in other cases that are defined in the legislative of the Republic of Estonia.


6.1. The Data controller can use cookies on the Website. Cookies are small text documents having a unique identification number; they are transferred from the Website into a User’s hard disc of a computer that the Data controller could separate a User’s computer and see its activity on the Website.

6.2. Using cookies, the Data controller collects such Personal data: browser type, demographic data, IP address, and others.

6.3. The Data controller uses the obtained data from cookies used on the Website for Users’ identification, analyses the Website visits statistics, Users’ behaviour and help to improve the quality of the Website.

6.4. A User can edit cookies usage settings (to delete/block cookies or a part of them) by changing settings on his/her browser. The detailed information about cookies, their usage and refusal can be found at or


7.1. The Data controller stores Users’ Personal data for such period that is indicated in the laws of the Republic of Estonia and other legislative that in force as well as in this Privacy policy, however no longer than it is necessary to achieve the purposes of Data management of this Privacy policy.

7.2. The Data controller manages Users’ Data until there is an existing profile of a User on PERE24.EE platform. When a User deletes his/her profile on PERE24.EE platform, the Data controller does not store a User’s personal data for 1 (one) month after a User’s profile was deleted. Data about the purchased membership is stored for five years until membership is expired. Also, in some cases, Personal data can be stored for a longer time, when it is necessary considering the arising dispute or in other cases.

7.3. The Data controller seeks not to store irrelevant and out-of-date Personal data, therefore when a User updates data on his/her account, the old information is replaced by relevant information. Historical information is stored, if it is necessary by a set procedure of legislative or that the Data controller could exercise his activity and no longer than it is necessary.


8.1. By using the Website, Users have the right to:

8.1.1. know what Personal data is managed and for what purpose;

8.1.2. familiarize with his/her Personal data;

8.1.3. demand to correct or supplement Personal data, if it is inaccurate or irrelevant;

8.1.4. demand to delete Personal data (the right to be forgotten);

8.1.5. demand that the Data controller would limit management of a User’s Personal data;

8.1.6. demand to transfer Data to other data controller (the right to transfer).

8.2. A User has the right to submit all the requests related to the Privacy policy to the Data controller in writing via the indicated contacts that are at the end of this Privacy policy.

8.3. A User should provide his/her ID document or identify himself/herself via electronic means of communication that are allowed to use together with a request.

8.4. The Data controller received a User’s request delivers an answer and takes actions mentioned on the request or refuses to do them by indicating motives of refusal no later than within 30 (thirty) days from the day, when a request was sent. Considering the complexity of requests, the indicated period can be extended for two months. In such a case, the Data controller informs a User about such extension and as well as submits the reasons for the delay.

8.5. When a User submits a request to delete his/her Personal data, the Data controller is obliged to delete them, if it can be based at least on one of these reasons:

8.5.1. Personal data is no longer needed to achieve purposes for which data was collected or managed in any other way;

8.5.2. A User withdraws his/her consent on which the management of Personal data is based and there is no other legal basis to manage Personal data;

8.5.3. A User disagrees with Data management when there is a basis of legitimate interests of the Data controller and the Data controller does not indicate superior legal reasons to further manage Data;

8.5.4. Personal data was managed illegally;

8.5.5. Personal data should be deleted following set requirements of legislations of the European Union and the Republic of Estonia.

8.6. The Data controller limits the management of a User’s Personal data in such cases:

8.6.1. a User challenges the accuracy of Personal data; it is limited for such a period during which the Data controller can check the accuracy of Personal data;

8.6.2. Personal data management is illegal and a User disagrees that Personal data would be deleted and instead of it he/she asks to limit their usage;

8.6.3. Personal data is not needed to the Data controller for the purposes indicated in 4 section of this Privacy policy, however, this data is needed to a User to claim, exercise or defend legal requirements;

8.6.4. A User contradicted the management of Personal data based on legitimate interests of the Data controller; it is limited until it will be checked if legitimate reasons of the Data controller are superior that a User’s reasons.

8.7. If a User exercises his/her right of Data deletion or restriction, it can become impossible to use PERE24.EE platform or access to it can be restricted.

8.8. By using his/her right to transfer data, a User has the right to request that the Data controller would send his/her Personal data directly to other data manager when technically it is possible.

8.9. The Data controller has a right not to satisfy a User’s requests except requests regarding refusal to receive direct marketing offers and apply to a extrajudicial institution of disputes resolution, when it is required to ensure: (i) the exercise of legal duties set for the Data controller; (ii) public order or criminal offense prevention; (iii) users’ or other persons’ rights and freedoms protection; or (iv) in other cases provided under Section 1 of Article 23 of the Regulation. In any case, the Data controller refused to exercise a User’s requests should indicate the reasons for this refusal.

8.10. If a User notices illegal management of his/her Data or if a dispute arises with the Data controller, he/she has the right to apply to the extrajudicial institution of disputes resolution any time in Estonia – National data protection inspection on its website by a set procedure which can be found at


9.1. The Data controller has the right to update and change the provisions of this Privacy policy.

9.2. If there have been some fundamental changes in the Privacy policy, the Data controller has the right to inform a User about these changes via indicated contacts and/or on the Website. A published change in the Privacy policy comes into force after 5 (five) workdays on the day when it was published on the Website or sent via email to Users. It is applied for all Users’ that did not express their disagreement with such change within the indicated term.


Users can send all the questions related to this Privacy policy via indicated contacts below:

Via email: [email protected]

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